The Mastermind Century Group Principles of Command

The Principles below are more borrowed… or perhaps collected over the years–but they have served very well through a myriad of commandand staff tours.  Of course to even imply that this Airman has all of these down would be a gross overstatement and assumption. But, keeping these principles near and reviewing them often does help to keep an internalized vision for leadership and command close and in the forefront of one’s being.

1. Spiritual development enhances the whole person.2. Do the basics right3. Treat every person with dignity and respect.4. Military life epitomizes discipline; it is a life of order.

5. Vulgarity is a sign of indiscipline. Eliminate it from your vocabulary.

6. No one will get out of this world alive. Resolve to maintain a reasonable sense of values.

7. Take care of yourself. Good health and fitness is essential to mission accomplishment and happiness.

8. Are you in the best shape of your life?  Why not!

9. Listening is an art. You will learn more by listening than talking.

10. Bad news does not get better with age. Avoid surprises; tell me soon with the facts.

11. Breaches of integrity or moral standards are intolerable. Ethics always.

12. It can be done. Don’t be a nay sayer or a hand wringer. Optimism is a force multiplier.

13. An 80% solution executed on time is better than a 100% solution executed late.

14. Credit for success belongs to everyone. Credit for failure belongs to the senior leader present.

15. Accept nothing less than high standards no matter how small the task.

16. Never lose your temper, self control is priceless.

17. Crisis action decisions demand calm leadership.

18. Watch your lane. Improve your piece of the Air Force.

19. Hope is not a strategy. Plan in detail, execute ruthlessly.

20. High performance squadrons talk to each other, nurture relationships with other units.

21. Make your friends when you don’t need them.

22. When in charge, take charge. Lead from the front.

23. Leaders will LEAD, or get out of the way…others are waiting to excel.

24. Maintain a sense of humor.

25. History strengthens operations, execution and daily life…study it.

26. Absolute standards and discipline, 24 hours a day, on and off duty, in the field or garrison.

27. Have courage to fix the problem when tired, bored, or scared.

28. Use the book, don’t reinvent doctrine. Adapt it to the situation.

29. Standardization improves performance.

30. Trust your subordinates. Power down.

Remember:  When you leave the USAF, the only thing you truly take with you is your family—take care of them!

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