DeM Banter: Something we tried to get AMC to buy off on… but not sure we got it done during the AMOS Masterminds 1.0 era…
Background.  The 15th Air Mobility Operations Squadron (AMOS) is an Air Force weapons system designed to project U.S. military forces and initiate air mobility operations at any location around the globe.  Its capabilities allow the 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force (EMTF) to achieve three primary effects:  1) Improve mobility planning to allow minimum time lapse between crisis action planning and the projection and application of Joint U.S. Military power.  2) Expedite deployment of mobility forces by providing a cadre of highly trained personnel to deploy worldwide within 12 hours of notification.  3) Shape Air Mobility in the theater by assisting the Director of Mobility Forces (DIRMOBFOR) in managing intra and inter-theater airlift and aerial refueling in support of the Theater Commander’s objectives.

Objectives.  The goal of the 15 AMOS Operational Concept is to clearly define the squadron’s composition, functions and framework within the construct of the EMTF.

Download CONOPS here:
15AMOS CONOPS v5.2clean

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